instructions for ONLINE (poster) PRESENTATIONS

Presentations will be recorded to allow access at times more convenient to your situation. At this very moment we are finalising the concepts for the online event accommodating highly interactive sessions for both poster and oral presentations. Presenters of oral contributions will get the possibility to prepare full video presentations available for online previewing, while the actual presentation timeslots during the programme will be used for intensive discussion and Q&A introduced by a short 5 min live summary presentation. Similar for the poster presentations, authors will be invited to, next to their static poster, upload a short recruiting video to introduce themselves and their research and to invite people to come to their online presentation timeslot. During the actual poster timeslots people can meet around the poster and the author can make use of all online means to interact with the audience.

Instructions for online (poster) presentations will follow shortly.

For online poster presentations, we can already recommend this tutorial for helping you designing your static poster: