Social activities

Different social activities will be offered on the 17th of August. Are you eager to get to know other scientists in an informal and relaxed atmosphere? Then join one of our activities and do not miss the chance to network while learning something new about Leuven, the local beer Stella Artois or about our postahaverst labs, or take the change to visit BelOrta. Read below the activity description, and choose the most exciting one!

Visit to the Belorta site Borgloon

BelOrta is a cooperative of more than 1,100 grower-professionals that provide an extensive selection of fruits and vegetables. These are locally grown and so deliciously fresh, ranging from the traditional favourites to the most innovative cultivars and varieties.  BelOrta has several sites in Belgium, the main sites are: Zellik, Sint-Katelijne Waver and Borgloon.  During our trip we will visit Borgloon. BelOrta Borgloon is the site that focuses on pome fruits, strawberries and soft fruits. At BelOrta Borgloon we will visit the hydrocooling installation for cherries and asparagus, as well as the forced air cooling for strawberries.  The cooperative has a state of the art system for long storage of berries and a large ULO storage facility for apples and pears.  Also Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) installation is available.

Besides the cooling systems we will visit the packaging and sorting department.  All Belgian cooperatives have a typical way of marketing fruits and vegetables which will be shown in the marketing department.  And of course lots of produce is available on the market floor to have a look at!  See more at

Visit to the Stella Artois brewery

Belgians are really proud of their beers, and rightly so! With roughly 1500 different beers  produced by more than 200 active breweries, the beer culture in Belgium is like nowhere else. This is why you cannot leave Leuven without visiting the local Stella Artois brewery, which is part of the world’s largest brewery concern, AB-InBev, and is still firmly rooted in this magical city. So join us for a charming guided tour of this brewery which can count on seven hundred years of brewing tradition and experience to produce a perfect Stella Artois, appreciated worldwide. You will learn about the beer history, the brewing process and the bottling line and, of course, you will enjoy a (or more) magisterially brewed Stella Artois!

Visit to our postharvest labs

Just a couple of kilometres from the centre of Leuven, our postharvest labs are the place where “magic happens” and where we give our contribution to science with the everyday goal of reducing postharvest losses. So come and have a look to learn more about our active research! Moreover, do not miss the chance to explore VCBT, the Flanders center of postharvest technology, and to see the beautiful Arenberg castle.

Culinary walking tour of Leuven

Yes, that’s right! Leuven is a smart city, but also a tasty town! So why not combining a satisfying walk through the charming streets of Leuven while immersing yourself in the local gastronomy? During this walk in the city centre you can really taste it: Leuven is sweet. During the walk, we will pause to try some local culinary specialties. You will learn that Leuven is not only the beer capital, but also the banana capital of the world. And who is ‘Fonske’?  Take a bite out of him too. You will become familiar with champagne beer and other delicious Leuven living peculiarities.